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Definition of Both

Vegetarian = not containing meat consisting wholly of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes eggs or dairy products

Vegan = a strict vegetarian who consumes no food (such as meat, eggs, or dairy products) that comes from animals

This is a good start to the Vegan vs Vegetarian definition but let me explain it a little further.  The main similarity between the two diets is that they do not consume any Meat.  That means no red meat, white meat, fowl, fish or shell fish.  Literally no meat is the main similarity between the two diets.  The distinct difference between the two diets is that Vegan’s do not consume any animal products what so ever.  While Vegetarians consume milk, cheese, honey and any other animal products as long as it is not animal meat.

So in short, Vegans are all plants all the time while Vegetarians couple their plants with dairy products.

Now that we have that clear.  I would love to share some insights on why I believe the Vegan Diet is the more superior diet of the two.  I believe that the Vegan diet is more superior due to dairy side effects, animal and environmental welfare, scientific health findings, and my own personal testimony.  I hope that this post will help give you all the information you need in choosing between the two diets.

Don’t We Have Our Own Milk?

First off.  Just let this resonate.  Off the top of my head,  I can think of Goat’s, Cows, Apes, Dogs, Cats and probably a lot of other, if not all, mammals producing their own milk.  They produce their own milk for their own kind.  So why do we need their milk if we have our own source of milk from our own species.  It does not add up.  That is why there are so many people who can not consume animals milk because their bodies can not digest the animals milk enzymes.Baby-milk-bottle

I really challenge you the reader, to go against social norms and think about if its natural for us to drink cow’s milk.  A milk that is suppose to help a baby cow grow rapidly more in size in a short period of time.  This is why us humans have our own milk that comes from our own mothers.  In fact, the longer infants drink breast milk the higher IQ test scores they receive as adults.  There are a lot of other studies out there that show the benefits of infants being breast fed longer than to those infants that were not breast fed at all or not breast fed the appropriate amount of time.  Lastly, when was the last time that you have seen an adult cow drink cow’s milk?  They do not.  Adult cows drink water.  Just like adult humans are not suppose to drink human milk.  We are not supposed to be drinking breast milk or any milk for that matter once we reach a certain age.  It is time to stop consuming dairy of any kind and realize that this is not natural for humans to be doing.

Welfare for Animals and Human Kind

I am super excited about my diet but I am even more excited about reading all of the vegan studies and vegan literature.  Education is power.  Knowledge and scientific evidence is becoming more readily available to us regarding the benefits of a vegan diet.  Recently,  I have started reading a book called, “Main Street Vegan” by Victoria Moran.  She has tons of facts and interesting findings.  One of them is how 90% of the global grain and soy that we grow is being used to feed livestock.  Just think about that.  That is a lot of produce we are growing to feed animals in return for them being slaughtered for their meat.  The meat that has very little nutritional value except for their protein.  The meat that is full of cholesterol and fat that has been linked to the three most common deaths of our generation; Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancer.  Also Type 2 Diabetes for that matter.


Back to the 90%.  That is an alarming number.  It is not only 90% of produce being used but also 90% of land that is being used for little value.  We are knocking down trees and taking up a lot of space for little to no return.  We should be using this land for tree restoration and shelter for the ever growing human population.  Mainly, we should be using this 90% of produce to help our world hunger problem.  Just think of all the people we could help feed.  People that desperately need nutritious food.  We must start rethinking our diets for the sake of mankind.  The evidence is becoming overwhelming.  More studies will be coming out proving how beneficial an all plant based diet is for our world.

Scientific Health Findings

There have been a lot of different studies within the last decade between these two diets.  A lot of these studies have included meat diets, vegetarian diets and vegan diets.  Vegan diets have come out on top in all of these social experiments regarding human health.  There are a lot of different studies that I have read on but here is one on the matter of weight loss.  It has shown that Vegans lose more body fat and can achieve a smaller waist line then a vegetarian diet or meat diet.  It also shows how an all plant based diet can help you prevent gaining weight.  Just from my own experience, I can attest to eating the same amount of food as I did on my old diets but my weight has remained the same.


The experiment also goes into detail about how a vegan diet has less cholesterol then a vegetarian diet.  If anybody knows anything about eggs then you know that they are loaded with cholesterol.  The same cholesterol that contributes to the 3 main causes of death to humans that I covered in the previous paragraph.  Vegan diets also are supreme in almost every single health category.  Just look it up on google if you have any doubts.  The findings go on and on.  You can find more scientific findings on how the Vegan diet is the best for your health by going to this websites homepage.

My Own Diet Testimonies

I have tired a lot of diets.  I have done meat and veggies.  I have tried vegetarian.  I have tried the Pescatarian diet.  Now I am doing the Vegan diet and I could not be more happier.  Meats and dairy made me feel good in spurts but the after affects made me feel less energetic and sedated to the point where I didn’t feel like moving.  However, with an all plant based diet, I am feeling the most energy I have ever felt.  I feel like nothing is slowing me down and I am able to sustain energy like never before.  My work days feel shorter and I feel more productive.  My sleep cycle feels better and also my skin looks clearer.

Fruits, Veggies, Grains, Legumes and Nuts/Seeds are my new food staples.  My weight and body fat has gone down.  My stamina and focus have gone up.  I want everyone to experience the benefits of this diet.  I hope everyone can experience the pureness and cleanliness of this diet.  Marilyn and I want to help everybody be able to enjoy this diet easily.  Committing to this diet seems intimidating because you do not know where to start.  Don’t worry.  Just click here for Vegan Recipes and click here on how to stock your home when you go to the grocery store.  We want to ensure that your transition to an all plant based diet is as smooth as possible.


Thanks for reading and leave a comment or question below!



Hello I'm Eric and I am striving to educate people about plant based diets. I enjoy bowling, gardening and nature in my free time. Marilyn and I hope you find our site helpful in learning about a proper Vegan diet.

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  1. It’s very interesting to find out more about the vegan lifestyle, as it’s something I would never take on, therefore it is something I do not have enough knowledge about (naturally). 

    I do go along with you on the point about milk – I’ve actually never liked the stuff, even as a kid, and it regularly made me gag. To put it simply – I found it unnatural and repulsive. 

    I’m wondering if there are any health concerns linked directly to the vegan lifestyle, seeing as humans as mammals do seem to have evolved in diet from the hunter/gatherer times?

    • Yes very good point Chris.  I have not looked into health concerns for Vegans yet.  I do know that there is a scare in the amount of B12 we consume.  However, there are B12 supplements that I have heard are good enough to use.  I also know that we are apparently low in omega 3 fatty acids.  I will do more research on this and hopefully come up with solutions to these concerns. 

  2. Hi Eric

    .I was vegetarian for fifteen years but one day three years ago I took a challenge to eat meat and give it up again. It isn’t so easy the second time around. Meat is so addictive! So, since then I have been eating only white meat and fish. But still, I feel sad for the animals. I also definitely find that my joints ache when I have too much dairy but then again I get extremely bloated from eating too many vegetables. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with bloating as a vegan? In the times I have been plant based I have been having quite a lot of beans too since I work out and am keen to get enough protein.



    • Yea great point Andy.  I myself, have been finding out that I am getting bloated too.  I do not know what the answer is for now.  I would think probably eating 5 small meals a day so that our stomachs do not have so much food at one time in it.  I would also look into eating lentils and quinoa more.  I know smoothies also help me feel less bloated and keep my energy up throughout the day.  I will look more into this.  Thank you for the comment Andy.

  3. Hi Eric,

    No doubt being vegan is the best thing people could do. One of my friends has lost 20 pounds just by stopping eating meat and dairies. Lots of my friends are vegan, and practice Yoga and they look fantastic!

    I also want to try to become a vegan, but it’s not going to be easy because my children love meat.  Anyway, I’ve seen a program on TV with a Doctor saying that he suggested to one of his patients that has cancer to stop eating meat immediately. I think that meat makes grow the tumors. However, the answer’ patient was: I rather die than to give up on my meat. Can you imagine how people are addicted to meat?  It’s unbelievable!

    Have you become vegan gradually? I wonder if it would be easier 🙂

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hello Daniella,  That story you shared on rather dying then eating meat is crazy!  I have gradually become a vegan over the last 3 years.  Now I feel great.  I am sure there is probably a study relating meat to tumors.  Health concerns is the biggest reason why I am now Vegan.  I do not want to have health complications when I am older.  Thank you for the comment.

  4. Saying I’m amazed at my discoveries on this post is just an understatement. Such an excellent and highly informative post. Thank you so much for clarifying my misconceptions. I thought vegan is an abbreviated format of vegetarian. I never knew that there was more to it. I am also working on giving up the consumption of animal related meals or foods and I want to strictly become a vegan. Thank you so much for this.

    • Thank you for the kind words Ro,  we will be posting vegan recipes to our website shortly.  Hopefully our recipes will give you a good transition from your current diet. 

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