Vegan How To Recipes- A Review on The Complete Guide for Vegan Food Substitutions


  • The Complete Guide to Even More Vegan Food Substitutions: The Latest and Greatest Methods for Veganizing Anything Using More Natural, Plant-Based Ingredients

Joni Marie Newman and Celine Steen

Price: $19.99 US

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Length: 256 Pages

Our Rating: 9 out of 10



When Eric and I collectively decided to embark on this vegan journey together, we discussed how our biggest challenge would be replacing those daily everyday staples that we’ve grown up enjoying. How do I enjoy my 8:00 am coffee cake and my cup o’ Joe as a vegan? Or better yet, how will Eric get through football Sundays without his spicy chili dip? Being a vegan shouldn’t mean eating will become a less than enjoyable chore. So after doing some research here is the great news for us all, there are tons of vegan substitutions that actually create wonderful results!

The Complete Guide to Even More Vegan Food Substitutions has proven to be quite informative on a multitude of meat, dairy and even seafood substitutions. We love how the authors of this book have clearly outlined which vegan foods can be swapped for non-vegan ones; this book has been pretty valuable in our vegan cooking library. For many, understanding substitutions makes such a difference in simplifying recipe creation and options. We have reviewed the book below and hope you find it helpful in your vegan journey!

The Book is Divided into Four Sections

  • How to best substitute for dairy.

This section provides a detailed guideline in chart form that outlines what to replace particular dairy items with. It provides further guidance by including recipes for vegan sour cream, whipped cream and even buttermilk. The recipes are continued to include (but not limited to) meal ideas such as creamy mashed potatoes, linguine in tomato garlic cream sauce and veggie noodle curry.

  • How to best substitute for eggs.

This section starts off with a discussion on the functional purpose of eggs in savory dishes, baking and sweets. It then provides a detailed guideline in chart form that outlines what to replace eggs, egg whites and egg yolks with. It specifies substitutions for foods such as mayonnaise, quiches and omelettes. This section is also full of recipes, including those from scratch. I have shared this guideline in my earlier post egg substitutes baking.

  • How to best substitute for protein.

This section starts off with a formula to aid you in determining your daily protein requirements based on your ideal weight. It then provides a detailed guideline in chart form that specifies substitutions for chicken, beef and seafood. The section is then divided into chicken and beef substitution recipes, seafood substitution recipes and bacon substitution recipes. The last part of this section simply provides great protein options that don’t need to mimic meat.

  • Have kitchen success, will travel. 

This section presents the same sort of charted guidelines included in the other section except the substitutions have been updated and improved upon. 

What We Think

We did not give this book 10 stars because it would be more robust in it’s content if it provided even more recipes and included more common misconceptions/challenges surrounding vegan eating. Topics in this section could’ve included: where to purchase vegan items, controversies surrounding certain vegan foods, school lunch ideas and soyfoods. 

Overall, we have found the book super useful in aiding us as we create new recipes and recreate old time favorites, it is a keeper! We hope you have found this review helpful as you build your vegan knowledge base and add to your cooking skills.



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  1. Going vegan can be tough, especially after being previously eating meat-heavy.  It takes a lot of conscious thought to remind yourself to get the meat substitutes instead sometimes.  This book might actually be good for me, it sounds like it has a lot of substitutes listed for the recipes I used to use all the time!  

    • Yes Andrew!  This book has been great for Eric and I.  It has taught us so much about finding plant substitutes for all of our meals that we used to love so much.  Thank you for the comment. 

  2. Great post. Although I’m not into specific diets, vegan lifestyle is what I’m familiar with. From there, I’m aware there are variations with what specific vegan you are because as far as I know, there are vegans who still eat meats, there are some vegans who prefer to eat pure vegetables than meat, there are some, too, who only eat fruits. 

    Concerning the post, I’m happy to know you shared a great book to serve as a basic guide for non-vegan practitioners like me to have at least an idea of what is vegan and the proper substitutes in case if I want this and that food, which isn’t apt for the lifestyle. Thank you very much. 🙂

  3. I have added to my brain cells with this, to be honest I have never been a vegan person because I have not devoted time into discovering enough knowledge about the substitutes of a non vegan diet. I have learnt of some substitutes and if not for me but I will definitely share with dose of information with friends who need them.

    • Glad to hear you will share with friends who may need this. We found it pretty useful. Thanks for your comment!

  4. What a useful book for the vegan that wants to create a cuisine that will make the transition to a vegan diet easier and more palatable for the person, family, or even friends who may be visiting your home. I have been looking for such a book, as I am always for making dinners and foods that all can enjoy while holding to my diet choices too.

    The “Complete Guide To Even More Vegan Substitutions” is a must-have I think for every kitchen. Even people that are not vegans can learn and apply some of the tips and ideas from this book and improve the overall healthiness of what they are cooking and eating.

    Although it could be more robust by adding in recipes and clarifications on misconceptions about what being a vegan involves, it still has the value that I am looking for. I take it that there is a version one of this book since the title includes even more?

    Thanks for your review and bringing the book to my attention. This is one that will be added to my ever-growing kitchen cookbook library for sure. It will be a good resource I have no doubt. 

    • Thank you for your comments! We agree with you on the value this books provides, we hope you find it useful as we did! 🙂

  5. My constant worry of going vegan has been missing all the tastiness of non-vegan foods. I am a meat lover and I know the risks of over consuming meats. I have always been postponing my vegan journey and I think this is the time to begin. 

    I am so glad I found this site. I am hoping this book will ease my mind and provide tasty alternatives.

    This is a very useful post.Thank you for your recommendations. 

    • Hello again Carol.  Since I have switched to plants I have not missed meat that much.  My habit is now in place and the cravings I used to have are leaving me.  In fact some of the substitute recipes taste even better then the dairy and meat I used to eat.  They are easier on my body and make me feel better after I eat them.  Lets us know if we can help you with anything.

  6. I like the way this is presented. Short and concise and straight to the point.

    Perhaps you can explain why you rate this 9 out of 10? Are there other references to this rating, example from Amazon?

    You could also include the reasons to go Vegan or this book can also be applicable for people who are not vegan?

    Overall, the page is short and sweet.

    • Hello there.  We ranked this page 9 out of 10 mainly because of how helpful the information in this book is for people who are trying to eat things similar to past diets.  It is chalk full of helpful recipes that can make a transition to veganism easy!  I hope that helps.

  7. The vegan menu options and alternatives are certainly building more and more over time.

    There is a lot of substituting to do, and many would struggle to do that cold turkey from the start of embarking on the vegan journey, but this article certainly provides some methods that could be put to good use when trying to kickstart it.

    I am always keen to try new recipes and incorporate dishes into my weekly diet, so I will definitely delve into these a bit more, even though I am not going to be a full vegan participant.

    Thanks for the article and detail provided.

    • Hey Shane.  No matter where anybody is on their journey to plant based diets, atleast they are starting.  That means they realize the truth.  You can figure it out and make it work for you.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.  Thank you!

  8. That’s a pretty good rating so I’m especially interested in this 256 page vegan substitute book. This really is a complete guide, being so many pages. I believe that vegan is naturally a healthy diet that I tend to implement from time to time due to the fact that it helps with the digestive system. Replacing every day staples can be a difficult thing. I like how the book is divided into these four sections. I’m glad that it’s very useful and I can’t wait to read it, thank you so much!

  9. Thank you for your book review. I failed my trial on vegan several times. Your book may give the solution to overcome my failure.

    I see you have almost all substitutes for my favorite foods, such as egg, beef, chicken, and dairy. This is the book I need to be successful in my vegan journey.

    I don’t know the meaning ” Have kitchen success, will travel”. Travel is the worst time for people to switch diet, since it is hard to control what you are eating.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information. 

    • Thank you for the comment Anthony.  I agree, travel makes it tough.  I like staying in Air BnB’s with kitchens so that I can cook.  That usually helps a lot.

  10. This vegan food substitution book will be very helpful for alot of vegetarian out their that usually find it challenge trying to know the supplement that can replace diary,protein and eggs in their diets. Vegans way of life will be made easier when the book is around them. The price is pocket friendly. I will try and tell my vegans friends about this book. Am sure it will help them alot. Too much diary is not good for our body be it vegans or non-vegans, so getting this book is also not a bad idea for me.

  11. Hi thank you for sharing this article on this book. I have been thinking about going vegan and pretty sure you have me convinced this book will be exactly what I need to get me going.Thank you for sharing this review! It’s hard to find tasty recipes that are vegan .:)

  12. Hello! After reading some articles and watching documentaries on animal cruelties. I decided to become a vegan as a rebel against such practises and I must say, it is the most demanding decision I have taken in all my life some of my cravings become a problem since I couldn’t fulfill them. Gladly I am to have come across this post concerning this book and definitely I will get it. I like the fact that it provides direct substitution for non vegan foods. That would be just perfect for me. Thanks

    • Tracy, I truly appreciate your honesty! It is not always easy as a new transitional vegan to get right into the vegan “swing” of things! I have also found the substitutions to be more useful than I ever imagined!

  13. What a great book. I have been vegan for years and the substitutions in this book helped me so much. I care a lot about the animals and I would be vegan no matter what. But I’m glad that these substitutions exist because they really are delicious. Also it makes veganism more accessible to a wider range of people. I would recommend this  book to anyone thinking of being vegan, or to anyone already vegan, since it is such a thorough guide to food substitutions. Thanks!!!

  14. I’m very curious what others would use for an egg substitution as you had mentioned. I am not vegan, however, I have a lot of vegan friends. I’m always wondering what they use to bake with. There were rare occasions where I got a chance to taste their cooking or something they baked. It tasted absolutely delicious! Even though I will never be a vegan, I have managed to learn a few things from others. Your book review does show that there’s always a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle without giving in and still have amazing food to eat! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Thanks Randi, I appreciate your feedback. In the beginning of my vegan journey I was definitely blown away by how delicious vegan meals could be! What makes it even more satisfying are the health benefits that you are partaking in! Thank you for your comments!

  15. I wasn’t really expecting a lot when I ordered for this book (that’s to my lil experience with some books) — I was expecting maybe a few clever ideas for substitutions and a re-hash of vegan recipes. But, I was very wrong. Every aspect of this book was carefully planned from the cover to the organization by color-coded food substitution category  and the inclusion of other restricted diets like wheat-free, soy-free and gluten-free (also shown with icons per recipe). I believe any cook would be interested in this awesome book! The book has lots of substitution and so much information in it. Out of eggs? Well there are lot of options for substitutions to choose from!

    Awesome write-up Marilyn.


    • Thank you Jordan. I find this book super useful as I navigate through my vegan journey. Im glad you are seeing its usefulness as well!

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