Top 10 Vegan Cities in 2020 – Vegan Friendly

Top 10 Vegan Cities in 2020

Traveling can be a burden for a vegan.  You are not sure if your destination will have any restaurants that will suit your vegan diet.  Have no fear vegan travelers.  This list of top 10 vegan cities in 2020 will help you pick your next travel destination and ensure that it is vegan friendly.  Below is a video from our YouTube channel regarding the cities that have a lot of vegan restaurants.  There is nothing like traveling and knowing that there are multiple vegan food options around you.  Enjoy!

When traveling, the last thing you want to do is go grocery shopping and then cook yourself a meal.  Traveling can be exhausting and you deserve to take it easy once you have reached your destination.  You should have time to unpack, settle in.  Maybe take a bath or shower.  The thing you shouldn’t have to do is plan how you are going to eat your next meal.

There has been countless times where I have been stuck with having to go by chips, peanuts, salads and fruits as my main meal for a weekend because the place I was staying at did not have a good kitchen.  Also, the surrounding environment did not have anything vegan to eat or I did not want to risk eating anything on the menu that I thought might be vegan.  I have done that before and it turned into a couple of bad trips to the bathroom.  Once your body is used to a vegan diet, your body reacts to things that isn’t normally in it.  It can be quite uncomfortable and this always reassures me that I have made the right choice with my diet.  If you have any vegan traveling tips then we would love to hear about it.  Please leave a comment below.

Top 10
10. Rome
9. Mumbai, India
8. Prague
7. Phuket
6. Lisbon
5. Amsterdam
4. Melbourne
3. Berlin
2. Paris
1 .London

Do You Know More Vegan Friendly Cities?

If so, we would love to know which cities have a lot of vegan dining options.  Please leave a comment below so that you can help out anyone visiting this page.  Thanks and have a great day.



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  1. I really struggled with finding vegan food when I first moved to Thailand five years ago. I would add Bangkok to this list, though. There are a lot of vegan places around here now, some better than others, but still plenty of options. I know what you mean about eating something I thought was safe and getting an unwelcome surprise. I have actually had chefs argue with me about eggs being vegan. He was like, “wtf, monks can eat eggs.” Me, being a large white guy, I was like, “Do I look like a monk? Don’t put eggs in it.” I mostly just stick to actual vegan places now.

    In Bangkok, I would recommend:
    Loving Hut
    May’s Veggie Home
    Barefoods Bangkok
    Govinda Italian Restaurant
    Vistro (formerly Mylk & Cheeze)
    and of course Veganerie, the only vegan bakery in Bangkok as of now.

    • Hi Randy!

      Wonderful insight you have. This comment means a lot because it is helping me and helping so many other readers. I have never been to Thailand but if I do then these places are really going to help out. I had no idea that Monks eat eggs either. I thought they were stricter about their diets. If you have any recipes that you want to share, I would love to put them on the site. Thanks for your comment.

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