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Hello Internet Readers!

I have just started my Vegan journey an have decided to do some research on some peer reviewed articles.  I want this post to represent the quick findings that I find from a Vegan diet.  My aim is to bring these findings to light and show you the readers, what the benefits for a Vegan diet can look like to you.  I hope you enjoy.

The first article I stumbled upon was, “Does a Vegan Diet Contribute to Prevention or Maintenance of Diseases?” written by Cederville University department of Kinesiology and Allied Health.  Here were my takeaways.

Fascinating Findings

There were a lot of findings so I will list them below.  This article was not the most well written and I also did not look into any of his citations or references.  However, this peer reviewed article looks to have no doubts about their facts.  They had a lot of citations throughout their article too.  So enjoy the findings.

  • Veganism rose in the 1940’s and was officially named during that time.
  • Consuming antibiotic fed animals, leads us to becoming resistant to certain drugs like penicillin which makes them less effective in our bodies. (Penicillin helps fight bacteria)
  • A Vegan diet is linked to lower risks of heart disease and diabetes
  • Scientific evidence shows a strong correlation with Vegan diets and preventing and fighting certain Cancers
  • Raw vegan diets are when food is not cooked over 115 F
  • Raw vegans also claim to have better digestion, clearer skin, higher amounts of energy and weight loss then other vegans.
  • There are various types of vegans
  • If Vegans want to get all of their micro-nutrients then they must make sure they are eating certain foods every day.
  • micro-nutrients that are hard to maintain in a Vegan diet are B3, B12, D, E, calcium, selenium and zinc
  • Vegans have to be careful in consuming a lot of Soy products because they are highly processed.
  • Vegans are allowed to have Oreo’s
  • Vegans However, are 73% higher risk of contracting a unrinary tract cancer


My Thoughts

Reading through this article I found my self finding out more then I thought I would.  Very interesting studies and findings.  It was heavily packed with facts and pertinent information.  It gave insight into human volunteered experiments.  It also shed light on to what Vegans struggle with in their diet and why that was important, which I found incredibly insightful.

It mainly had to deal with the 7 micro-nutrients that this diet has trouble finding in every day vegan meals.  It also gave food examples that could help vegans maintain healthy levels of those 7 micro-nutrients.  Overall, I am very happy that I stumbled upon this article and it has sparked an interest in starting my vegan lifestyle.

What Type of Vegan Do I Want to Become

In reading this article, I found out that there are a lot of different vegan genres.  Such as Raw Vegans, Starch Based Vegans, Alkaline Vegans and the Standard Vegan Diet.  It got my wheels spinning into something I didn’t know I had to chose when becoming vegan.  I thought all vegans were the same.  I had no idea that there were different classifications of vegan.

Now I must make a decision.  As of now I do not want to join any particular vegan sector.  I am going to be the Vegan who eats anything any style as long as it does not have animal products in them, which is the Standard Vegan Diet. This will be a good start before I uncover more information.Vegetables-at-the-market-stand

Why I am Excited to Become Vegan

I think that there is enough evidence and growing evidence that suggests a Vegan diet is the way of the future in terms of optimizing human health.  More importantly, the quality of health both physically and mentally.  I see a lot of my peers and also my parents generation and see a lot of sickness and weight problems.  At this point I owe it to myself to try and break this trend.

I am excited to see how my average body frame will change during this diet.  I am also looking forward to see if it changes me mentally.  I hope all of you reading this is excited to see what I find out and also what quick and easy vegan recipes I come up with in order to make this lifestyle still yummy and enjoyable.

Drop a comment below for your thoughts and comments.





Hello I'm Eric and I am striving to educate people about plant based diets. I enjoy bowling, gardening and nature in my free time. Marilyn and I hope you find our site helpful in learning about a proper Vegan diet.


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  1. Captivating post friend. Well said. I am excited to follow your journey. Stay strong and it will be the most rewarding accomplishment of your life. Godspeed!

  2. I am not a vegan; however, I do love veggies. The other day I ate spinach and white cheese enchiladas. They were fantasticly delicious! I wouldn’t mind following this (not to become a vegan) to eat healthier. I believe the ingredients we place in our bodies are what determine how healthy we are.

    • Very Cool Linda.  Yes that is awesome feedback.  We just want to tell our story and help people.  Whether that is becoming a vegan or just educating people who are interested in eating healthier like you said.  Thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing this article. I’m in the process of researching vegan diets too and didn’t know there were so many options either. I’m not sure how well I’d go with the raw option, especially in winter when it’s cold and I tend to crave warming foods. 

    So maybe raw foods are something I can choose in the warm time of the year when you don’t feel the need for comfort food so much. It’s amazing to see how many restaurants and cafes these days already cater for vegans and all of the options you can choose from. 

    I’d be very interested to see whether it’ll increase energy levels especially. I’m not eating many processed foods or sugar to start with and am thinking I’m quite healthy otherwise too. 

    I’ll have to bookmark your site to see your future insights. 

    • Petra, thank you so much for dropping a note.  Yes the raw diet scares me too.  I think once I read into more scholarly vegan articles I will be able to shape my views on what a vegan diet looks for me.  I also have a problem with processed foods so that is awesome that you were able to do this. 

  4. Hello, Marilyn and Eric.

    Right off the top, I have to say that I’m glad Vegans can have Oreo’s.  that line actually made me laugh.

    What a boring life it would be if we could not have treats from time to time whether Vegans or not.

    It’s interesting that there are different forms of “veganism” and that it rose up starting in the ’40s.  I’d be interested to read what you find out and how you progress.

    Don’t know if this would interest you or not but the Bible tells the story of Daniel,  Shadrach, Meshach and, Abednego in the days of King Nebuchadnezzar.  These four men were God-fearing men and were 100% devoted to Him.  So much so that they were what we would now call “Vegans”.  They ate nothing but vegetables and refused to eat the King’s food.

    The jist of the story was that they requested to be put to a test for 10 days eating nothing but veggies and then have their appearance compared with that of the young men who eat the royal food.   At the end of the test, the 4 men looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food.  Interesting?

    It seems that even waaaaaay back then that there were some who already knew the benefits of this kind of diet.

    Leads me to believe that there must definitely be some benefits to being a vegan.  Can’t wait to read more of your story.


    • Thank you for the kind words and Bible story.  I have never heard that story of not eating the King’s food before.  Very telling story.  I can’t wait to learn more about this.  Oreo’s will make it better lol

  5. My grand-daughter is the only vegan in our family. Her strength and conviction on living the vegan life is actually motivating the rest of us to think twice before we make our plan our meals. Love your information.

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