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How to Puree Soup



             If you want to be healthy and trendy, I highly suggest you learn how to puree soup.  Okay well, not just learn how to puree soup but also try a vegan diet and see how it affects you.  This era is the age of health. More and more people are getting rid of their unhealthy lifestyles to live a more healthy and happy life. People are shifting from meat and dairy, and now to kale and oat milk.  A vegan lifestyle is much healthier than a carnivorous diet and I’m sure all of you have seen the Netflix documentary “The Game Changers” which begs the question, is meat really necessary for us? According to the documentary, the primitive man only ate plants and nuts and was much healthier than the modern man of today.

            Our bodies and all of our organs perform optimally when we are on a vegan diet. But how are we supposed to sustain a healthy vegan diet in today’s fast moving world? The answer is soup! Soups hardly take any time to prepare and are easy to eat. They can be easily packed and can be enjoyed while going to work or pretty much everywhere. In this post we will be focusing on how to puree them and the different kitchen tools and equipment that can help you puree soup.  Alright, without further ado, let’s dive into it. 


            When it comes time to puree a soup, we would advise that you use a blender, a food processor, or an immersion blender. Each machine has their pros and cons but in the end, they get the job done right. It all comes down to how you want your soup’s texture to be before you eat it.


Blenders do a great job of pureeing soup. The consistency is very smooth.  All of the flavors come together because of the blenders ability to process all of the ingredients at once. The only hiccup is transferring the hot soup to the blender because blenders have a smaller opening at the top compared to other kitchen appliances. For smaller soup quantities, blenders are a great option to use. But imagine you’re pureeing a soup at a party and decide to use a blender for the job.  It will be very difficult to puree large amounts of soup in the blender and transferring a lot of soup could lead to a spill, OUCH! Not to mention the mess you will create and how annoyed you will be. Old blenders do not slice the vegetables evenly and small chunks are left in the soup.  The best blender for pureeing soup would be a Vitamix blender.   


  1. Allow the soup to cool for a few minutes before blending. Five minutes is enough.
  2. Remove the center cap from the lid of your blender.
  3. Fill the blender with your soup
  4. Place lid back on blender
  5. Blend the soup to your desired consistency
  6. Return the soup to the cooking pot. Reheat.


 Food Processors

Food processors tend to chop up the soup into small pieces rather than actually pureeing it, leaving the soup with a slightly gritty texture and in non-uniform pieces. Well some people love to have something to nibble in their soup. If you’re one of them, this is the BEST equipment for you to puree your soups. But if you like your soup finely blended then stick till the end of the article because we have got some amazing tips that will even out the gritty texture. The major plus point for using food processors is that they get the job done in a matter of seconds. So if you’re in a hurry, you know which equipment to use.

Food processors

  1. Let the soup cool for five minutes.
  2. Add the soup to the food processor.
  3. Let the food processor run until the soup is even. The sound of the food processor at one point will be even, that is when the soup is evenly pureed.
  4. Pour pureed soup in the bowl.
  5. Reheat.


Immersion Blenders 

If perfect creaminess and a thick consistency is your aim, then an immersion blender is the kitchen tool for you. There’s absolutely no mess of transferring the soup; all the pureeing is done right in the container in which the soup was cooked. And the immersion blender mashes even the tiniest particles into oblivion. It is portable and you can pack it to go for any occasion. If you are traveling, you can always have a nice bowl of pureed soup that will make you feel like you have never left home. The only drawback of the immersion blender is that it needs to be constantly moved around during pureeing and if you’re cooking a large batch, you’re are could possibly get tired.  This is the more time consuming method but is so worth it for those creamy soups.

Immersion Blenders

  1. Lower the immersion blender down into the soup container
  2. Then gently squeeze the trigger and pulse or hold to get the desired consistency. 
  3. You will need to move it around in the bowl or pot to ensure you blend the entire soup mixture.
  4. Let go of the trigger and clean the soup off the immersion blender.



Other Equipment 

In a more unorthodox way, you can use a potato masher to puree your soup or press the entire batch of soup through a strainer (or tamis). Both methods will require a huge amount of patience, some muscle work and determination but will get the job done. We suggest this method if you have a lot of time on your hands.


Not all of us are great cooks, but don’t worry.  We are here to help.  We are going to be discussing a few hacks that will make your life easier and result in a delicious pureed soup that you won’t get enough of.


Soft But Not Mushy

Don’t rush the cooking process and try to puree the soup while the vegetables are hard on the outside but soft in the inside or your soup will end up tasting gritty. You should boil the vegetables for 15-20 mins maximum on medium-high heat so that they are soft but don’t fall apart. If you boil your vegetables any longer than that, it is a recipe for disaster.


Adding Vegan Cream and/or Oil

Many recipes tell you to add the oil or vegan cream when the soup is pureed and ready to eat. But we have a different hack that makes the soup creamier and gives it a vibrant taste. While pureeing the soup, add oil or cream after small intervals so the emulsion produced is a fine mixture of oil/cream and the soup. It leaves a creamier texture in your mouth and is heaven for your taste-buds.

Cashew Cream shown below


 Add a Slice of Bread

Okay we know it sounds bizarre guys, why would anyone in their right mind add bread while pureeing the soup?! But hey, this is one of those magic hacks that has to be tried in order to be believed. If you add big chunks of bread while the soup is being pureed, you will end up with a soup that has a thick texture. If you feel like your soup is runny and has a water-like texture, you can always throw in some bread and blend it to add a more creamier and thicker texture to the soup.


Pass the Soup Through a Strainer

  – This has to be the most valuable advice for the folks who don’t like having a sandy, gritty texture in their soups. If you’re one of them, read this part carefully. Set up a strainer and pour your soup into it. Let it sit and gently move a spoon to sieve the soup through the strainer.  The sieve then catches the bigger pieces of food and keeps it out of your soup.  The end result is a very thin soup that has the pureed soup look.


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  1. Hello Eric,

    I am so honored to read your blog about the puree soup since I’m all about living and eating healthy. I agree Netflix offers some great documentaries about eating clean. I have watched “Forks Over Knives” and “What The Health” and both were factors on my becoming a vegetarian 4 years ago. The soup looks delicious and it seems easy to prepare. I feel this was just for me and many others to see. Though I am not yet a vegan I am headed in that direction. 

    Best Regards,


  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article i think it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me…i have been looking for something that would give me the information about puree soup tools till i stumbled on theis one,…yhanks one more



  3. This is the information I am looking for. We used to cook soup in a different way. I was at one of the vegan restaurants and I really enjoyed the soup.

    Thank you for all the information and tips for puree soup. As for the equipment, I think I need the immersion blender for the creamy texture.

    • Yes Christine,  the immersion blender is a great tool for pureeing soup and a lot of other meals.  Thanks for the comment.

  4. This is really an insightful post and i am sure that this article will be of great help to so many people just as it has really being of great help to me. This is a great article on how to puree soup with some great blenders. the beauty of these blenders are extra ordinary. the immersion blenders really got to me.

  5. I love a good hearty puree soup on a cold day. It is just so easy to digest and it fills me up and keeps me warm. I love the Game Changer, definitely open my eyes about food and make me eat more vegetables now. I am not a vegan yet but I tend to eat vegetables more than meet, I feel less bloated. I am a big fan of immersion blender. It is so convenient to use it and I can just mix it right in the pan without having to clean up the blender lol. The cashew cream looks like a yummy creamy goodness. Will give the recipe you suggest a try. Thanks for the tips

    • That is one of the biggest reasons I turned to becoming vegan and also why I stay vegan.  That reason is because of not being bloated and digesting my food better.  Also if you want more good ideas on vegan documentaries click here.  Thanks for the comment. 

  6. Hello there! This is an amazing review you’ve got here on these products. This is my first time seeing this food processors and I think it will be suitable for me as a full time house wife and it will make cooking easier for me. Thanks for sharing this with me. I can’t wait to place my order!

  7. Such an informative post. We love soups and although we are not vegan I do agree that you can do alot without meat. I often get sick of meat and start looking for other things to make. Lately we have been looking up new recipes to try that will offer us some variety. I find having the time to cook is making a huge difference in our lives. Soups are such a wonderful way to eat well and be satisfied. I also found the recommendations and descriptions for appliances very helpful. 

    • Glad we could help you out Tara.  We will have a lot of vegan recipes on the website with in the next couple of months.  We hope to help you find some recipes that you will like.

  8. Once again a very great and helpful article. All articles from this website are straight to the point and very useful to we vegans. This vegan puree soup recipe is the best recipe i have ever seen on the internet. I followed every steps in this article and prepared the same puree soup, it ended up being very delicious. Thanks a lot

    Great article

  9. Great article and some great advice on how to puree soup.

    I particularly like the fact that you describe the consistency we should be aiming for, but it has raised some questions and concerns!

    I was always taught that over-cooking vegetables can result in taking the goodness out of them. Hence we have always tended to go for al dente. Is this true or is it an old-wives tale? I’d rather have a little crunch in my soup with all the goodness still in-tact than a smooth paste without the goodness.

    Although, to be honest, your description of “creamier texture that is heaven for your taste-buds.”  makes the soup puree very tempting, either way

    • Yea I agree with you Lawrence.  I do prefer a nice chunky soup with solid vegetables but then every once in a while I want that creamy smooth soup.  Thanks for the comment. 

  10. Gosh that puree soup looks delicious! I’m one of these people that definitely needs to eat more healthiely, and why not be trendy at the same time.

    I’ve always loved eating meat when mum and dad would cook very spicy African dishes. Even when we went to see the relatives…..more meat.

    Some of my friends are vegans and vegetarians. They have gently encouraged me to watch more what i eat, since i eat everything and anything. I really don’t like spending hours in the kitchen and i’m not the greatest of cooks, so the food processor is exactly what i need. Like you said so quick! And who doesn’t have a busy life.

    I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as cashew cream. Looks delicious!

    By the way what’s the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan?

    I bet when i watch the Netflix documentary, “The Game Changers”, that’s gonna be an eye opener. My best friend is a vegan too.

    Thank you.

    • You bring  up a lot of good points Dayo.  This post that I have written about a year ago should give you some clarity on the difference between vegan and vegetarian. Click here to view it.  Also the game changers documentary is a great one indeed.  You should definitely look into some other documentaries.  We have a good list if you want to learn more about them by clicking here.  Thank you for the comment Dayo.

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