How to Cook with Stainless Steel – 12 Important Steps!

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How to Cook with Stainless Steel

Your body is a temple and it is your job to keep it healthy.  Learning how to cook with stainless steel will help ensure that your temple stays beautiful.  I say this because often times we see people at the age of 50 and above in such poor shape.  What causes these problems?  Studies are showing it is related to an omnivorous diet and cookware surfaces that keeps our bellies stretching out of our pants.

Ask yourself, would you keep your house dirty and full of pathogens? No, right? Then why do we continue to pollute our bodies with food and cooking surfaces that only accelerate the process of aging and harming our insides? There’s a saying “We are what we eat”. And if we continue eating this way then we not only will be harming our bodies but also setting bad examples for our children and grandchildren.  The cycle will never stop this way.  Do we really want the next generation to inherit our deteriorating lifestyle?   It’s time for us to take a stand and to stop this way of living!


12 tips on How to Cook & Clean with Stainless Steel!



1 . When you first get your cookware, wash all of your Stainless Steel pots and pans with hot water, soap and a splash of vinegar.  This will help get rid of any existing manufacture oils and residue from the warehouse.

2. Once they are dry and ready for cooking it is important to heat up your pan with nothing else in it. Cook the pan on Medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes.  This will allow the pan to heat evenly. Stainless Steel isn’t the best at conducting heat.  It is actually the aluminum or copper core that is sandwiched in between 2 sheets of Stainless Steel that warms the pot or pan.

3. To test if the pan has heated evenly, you can put small drops of water in the pan and it should make a “Tssss” sound. Now you’re ready!

4. Now, add the Oil or Vegan butter of your choice and let it cover the inside of the pan.  Do not use non-stick spray! There are chemicals in the spray that will hurt your Stainless Steel surface.

5. When adding ingredients to the pan, make sure they have completely thawed out and do not have much water on them.  Since Stainless Steel is not a great conductor of heat, any large amounts of water or cold temperature food can greatly alter the pans temperature.  This will cause you to spend more time waiting for your pan to reheat to the desired temperature. We are all about quick and easy here, don’t waste any time!

6. Cook your food at lower temperatures.  Although Stainless Steel has a hard time heating up, it doesn’t have a hard time cooking food once the pan is completely warm.  Stainless Steel is great at cooking through to food’s core!

7. Once you are done cooking.  It is very important to cover the pans surface with WARM water.  This deglazing technique will help prepare the pot or pan for cleaning.  Do not use cold water. Stainless Steel is sensitive and drastic temperature change can hurt the pores of the metal.  Repeated cold water use after cooking can cause the cookware to breakdown and not heat up properly in the future.

8. Wait for the pan to come down to room temperature with the deglazing water inside.

9. Do not use any metal instrument when cleaning Stainless Steel. Stay safe and use a sponge.  Any scratches or marks to the metal’s surface can ruin your pans effectiveness and also put your food at risk.  The risk is the Aluminum core. If the aluminum core is exposed, it starts to mix into your food when you cook it.  Aluminum deposits in our bodies can become very unhealthy and dangerous.

10.Now use soap and hot water and a sponge to clean your Stainless Steel.  Some people say you can use the dishwasher but I do not do that. The reason is because I do not want my pots and pans exposed to any other potential chemicals that could damage my Stainless Steel.  Play it safe with soap and water.

11. Lastly, let the cookware either air dry or wipe it down with a towel.

12. *Bonus Tip* Do you want to keep your Steel shiny?  Every other month I like to use a microfiber cloth with a touch of vinegar.  This keeps the metal shining like new!


 Why We Use Stainless Steel



The Benefits

We prefer to use Stainless Steel because of health reasons, functionality, cost effectiveness and appearance!

The Healthy Choice!

Out of all the other cookware that you could cook with, Stainless Steel is one of the safest materials you can use for heating up food.  Surfaces like Aluminum and non-stick pans mix chemicals and metals into your food when you cook them.  This puts our bodies at harm!  With Stainless Steel, you do not have to worry about this happening as long as you are following the 12 steps listed above.


The cookware made from Stainless Steel has a very long shelf life that will outlive you!  Well, in most cases if you are taking care of your cookware.  Remember to deglaze your pans at the end of cooking as mentioned above.  This will help protect the Nickel found in the Stainless Steel.  If you do not deglaze then you might scratch the pan while cleaning it.  These scratches or marks can expose the aluminum core found in the middle of the pan.  If this happens then you are exposing your food to Aluminum metals that are not healthy for us to digest.

It Saves You Money $$$!

What else comes with a reliable cooking set that lasts a life time?  Saving money of course!  No more having to spend money on replacing nonstick cookware that will not hold up past a couple of years!

Sleek Shine

            Not only is it healthy, durable and saves you money but in our humble opinion it looks really pretty.  I love how the metal shines.  You can see everything on it.  I love walking into my kitchen and seeing the pans hanging from the rack.  It has an aesthetic that just screams professional cooking.


The Dangers of “Other” Pans

Here at Quick Easy Vegan, we only use Stainless Steel cookware.  The reasons are because Stainless Steel embodies everything we are looking for.

  • We stay away from Aluminum cookware because cooking with Aluminum leaches harmful metals into our food that hurts our bodies.
  • Same for Non-Stick Pans.  The chemicals used on these pans surfaces make their way into our food as well.  Cooking with these surfaces is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Glass cookware is difficult to cook with because it is hard to heat evenly across the material.
  • I am afraid and do not trust cooking with Cast Iron pans.  The idea of not washing them and then reusing them scares me.
  • Copper pots seem advanced but apparently are one of the best cookware to cook with.  The only drawback with this material is that many people say it is hard to maintain the copper cookware after cooking.


Quick & Easy Vegan Recipe with Stainless Steel


Vegetable Stir Fry

There is no secret to making this quick and easy dish.  To save on time and to really make this a quick and easy meal you will want to do the following.

  1. Use a Rice Cooker
  2. Buy Vegetables from the Super Market that have already been cut and prepared so that you do not have to do any of the cutting, slicing and dicing. Just make sure you give them a good rinse before cooking!
Cooking Instructions
  1. Put Rice in the Rice Cooker and let it do its thing.
  2. Follow the instructions above on how to cook with Stainless Steel.
  3. Heat up your Stainless Steel pan on Medium Low heat.
  4. Add the Oil or Vegan Butter and wait for 2 minutes.
  5. Add your vegetables and seasoning of your choosing.
  6. Cook the Vegetables to your desired tenderness while stirring pan every now and then.
  • 5-7 Minutes for crunchy
  • 10 Minutes for medium crunchy
  • 12-15 Minutes for not very crunchy
  1. Turn off the heat and let your Vegetables rest for 2 minutes
  • It’s not fun eating scorching hot food.
  1. By now your rice should be done cooking. Add your Rice to a plate or bowl and then put your Vegetables on the side or over top of your rice.  I like to add a little fresh Black Pepper over the food once it is on the plate too.


Thanks for reading the post!  I hope it was helpful in learning how to cook with Stainless Steel.  If you have any further questions or concerns then please leave a comment below.  We would love to hear from you!  Thanks again and we hope you are having a great day!


Hello I'm Eric and I am striving to educate people about plant based diets. I enjoy bowling, gardening and nature in my free time. Marilyn and I hope you find our site helpful in learning about a proper Vegan diet.


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  1. I’ve recently begun looking into stainless steel cooking because I did some research and realized that the non-stick pans I’ve been using was leaking chemicals that causes all kinds of cancer and infertility, in my opinion these things should be banned. I really enjoyed your guide on cooking with stainless steel, it’s a bit more inconvenient compared to non stick, but the health benefits are worth it. Do you know if stainless steel rust over time or do they stay shiny forever as long as you take care of it?

    • Thank you for the comment Son.  We couldn’t agree with you more on the safety of what we should cook with.  Your Stainless Steel should not rust as long as you are maintaining it properly by following the 12 Steps listed in the article.  Thanks for the comment!

  2. Keeping the body healthy is the moral responsibility of every person because if our body is not healthy we cannot concentrate on our work. And to keep the body healthy, we need to eat regular supplements and cook with stainless steel because it has many benefits. We prefer to use stainless steel for health reasons, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and appearance. When we cook, surfaces such as aluminum and non-stick pans blend chemicals and metals into our food. It damages our bodies. Due to its use, our body is suffering from various diseases. Fatal diseases like cancer are causing it in our bodies. I think these things should be banned. 

  3. Hello! Eric, thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us .I love to cook and cook in nonstick pans .But recently I have found that the chemicals contained in these pans are responsible for cancer and infertility in the body. I think steps should be taken to stop them because they are harmful .Currently I am more comfortable to cook with stainless steel because they are safer .And for this reason I thoroughly enjoyed the guidance in your article and I think your article is very instructive and informative. Cooking and Cleaning at Stainless Steel Although a little cumbersome, I think it should be the best choice for good health and safe cooking. 

    I will definitely follow the tips you give to keep Stainless Steel shiny and will definitely share with you the new experience. Also, I will spread your article to all the housewives so that they can understand its benefits .How long can Stainless Steel pots be cooked or safe? Because they contain rust.

    • Thank you for the kind words Rahman.  As long as you are following the 12 steps in the article then you should be able to keep your Stainless Steel pots and pans for a very long time without them rusting.  Thanks for the comment. 

  4. Throughout all of my childhood my grandma always used stainless steel and after I grew up I also took that from her. Most of my kitchenware items are stainless steel. Now, what I didn’t know what that simple tactic you stated in your first point about washing your products and at the same time adding vinegar. I have always used only water and soap, this is so nice to know and now for me to put into practice. 

    • Touching note you left Stephanie.  I am glad we were of help to you with this post.  Thank you for readiong.

  5. I have read your beautiful article. I really liked this post, hopefully it will benefit others. Thanks so much for sharing this great post with us.

    I cook with stainless steel, I have a clear idea of ​​how to cook with stainless steel. However I had no clear idea how to clean. Your tips will benefit me. I use stainless steel in cooking. Because it can be cooked in a healthy way very quickly. So I think all the housewives should cook with stainless steel.

    Sharing this post via social media, I hope your post is liked by others. And will benefit.

  6. Many thanks to you for sharing with us an informative article about how to cook in stainless steel.Many of us cook in stainless steel but do not know how to cook and how to keep it. For those who do not know, this article is very important.I am very happy to know your article about cooking through stainless steel.

    I also use stainless steel for cooking where I cook at low temperatures.After cooking this stainless steel is always kept clean.And I use vinegar to sparkle it.I would like to share the benefits of cooking with stainless steel so I will share your article on my social media if you agree with me.

    • Thank you for the kind words Mr. Islam.  Yes absolutely.  Please share this post.  We want to help people be informed so that they can eat healthier and also save money by maintaining this cookware.  Thank you!

  7. I would like to invest in a set of stainless-steel cookware, so all these tips are incredibly helpful. I honestly didn’t know that you had to put warm water in pots after cooking instead of cold water. That is good to know. It’s also helpful to know the harms of other types of cookware. I do use a cast iron pan, but I do wash with warm water after cooking. I just re-season it every so often. I couldn’t handle cooking in something that hasn’t been washed either. 

    • Thank you Carla.  Yes, I am not completely aware of how to treat and handle Cast Iron pans.  That is why I am skeptical of them.  Also because I have heard so many rumors from other people that you do not wash them or that it is bad to wash them.  That is another reason why I prefer Stainless Steel.  I like knowing that it is pretty straight forward in how to use it and clean it.  Thank you for the comment. 

  8. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I am very conscious of keeping my body healthy and I use the tools it requires.The best tool to bring is the wife’s leader cooked with steel and I cook with them the cooking is delicious.When cooked with stainless steel, the pathogen is spread and the food is very healthy.And I learned about the 12 tips on how to cook and clean your article reading situation, and it will be very important for me to cook.

  9. Hello Eric. Thank you so much so sharing this article with us. I love cooking but I always find it hard to find the pans that work and wouldn’t leave you with food sticking on the pad. From reading your article I was able to learn that I should use stainless steel pans. I also learn that these stainless pans can help you save money in the long term and help you live a long and healthy life. I also learn how to keep the stainless steel clean. So thank you very much for sharing your article. 

    • Thank you Rebecca.  Eric did a great job with this post.  I would say the most important step out of all of them is to make sure that you deglaze properly.  Cleaning the material the right way is how you will protect your pan and ultimately your money.  It makes cleaning so much easier.

  10. Cooking with stainless steel is advisable as other cooking wares  have chemicals that are harmful to the body while some are difficult  to maintain but the stainless steel is  different. It is the best to use in terms of health and long lasting. Maintaing it too is not  so difficult or stressful.  When you first get your  pan there are some measures  to take before using to remove the left  over manufacturing oil or element in them and the measure is washing and rinsing, heating the pan before cooking is also important as explained in this article and some other steps of maintaing your wares.  After cooking covering the pan with  warm water is also pointed in this article and it js also necessary to prepare them for cleaning. However for  keeping  them shiny,  this  article remommend Microfiber towels which I would love to try. Yes I use stainless wares for cooking and that’s why I have not have any reason for new wares for a very long time since the ones i have are still looking just fine.  

    Thanks for the  article. 

    • Thank you for the comment evagreene.  We could not agree with you more.  Everyone needs to examine the cooking surface they are using and the potential risks that they possess. We believe that Staineless Steel is the most functional and safe cookware there is.  Very practical.

  11. This post is just so timely as my family is about to migrate to another place due to my wife’s work reassignment and purchasing kitchenwares is one of the first things we need to do as we used to cook our own foods rather than eating at any fast food chains around. Thus, we eat vegan most of the time. Infact, my kids at the early ages of 4-10 have already been eating bitter gourd, mustard and some other bitter vegetables.

    I would then be discussing to my wife the importance of using stainless steel utensils as what you’ve discussed here so she would eventually agree to my suggestion of buying them instead of the aluminum ones.

    Your #1 tip “When you first get your cookware, wash all of your Stainless Steel pots and pans with hot water, soap and a splash of vinegar.  This will help get rid of any existing manufacture oils and residue from the warehouse”, is really awesome as my wife and I weren’t totally aware of this and it’s great that at least we can do these this time otherwise, there’s no other time because i believe stainless steel kitchenwares can be used for a lifetime already.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Thank you for the post Julius.  I learned step #1 from Marilyn.  She loves to wash everything in sight before using it.

  12. Thanks for sharing with us such a beautiful article.
    I have enjoyed your article. I use Stainless Steel so I totally agree with you. But if I didn’t read your article, I didn’t know that the chemicals in nonstick pans could cause body cancer. Your article is really helpful to all the housewives and me.

    I will share your article with all the housewives. I hope everyone who reads this article will benefit and will soon share their experiences with you. Thanks again for the interesting and informative post.

  13. Making use of a stainless pot for cooking can quite become difficult for some people that are not brought up with such habit but then, this is one of the best ways to cook. Hence, it becomes germane to let others know well about using it too. Making use of a stainless steel requires discipline and commitment while cooking since there is no timer attached, hence there is a need for constant checking and also ensure everything is done appropriately

  14. Hi Eric! I’m not a chef but here in Bologna we take a lot of pride in our cuisine. And one of the things I have been careful about is research how to keep my steel shiny. I had read some rather expensive solutions but I like your simple hack: microfiber cloth with a touch of vinegar and we’re good to go!

    I had heard about covering pans surface with warm water. Reading it here confirms it for me! Thanks for all these recommendations.

  15. You are absolutely right, we have to treat our body like a temple because we only have one body and we have to take care of it. Health is wealth after all. 

    That is a nice trick, I never thought of using a splash of vinegar for cleaning before. I always wash it with soap but I thought that would take care of it but I appreciate the precaution. I will try to use your trick from now on. I have been cooking in high temperature this whole time but it makes sense. Thanks for sharing all the tips 🙂

  16. Great information on taking care of stainless steel. I honestly have been a cast-iron skillet user for much of my life, but my folks have a set of stainless steel pans that I use at their house occasionally. It is good to know how to actually care for them correctly. I can understand your fear of not cleaning the cast-iron skillet, but you’re cooking food at high temperatures. Most things burn off. Also, most of the things you are cooking are foods that are edible anyway. 

    • Thank you for the advice on getting over my fear of cast iron cookware.  I will try to do this in the future but for now I will stick with stainless steel 🙂

  17. I had never given much thought to stainless steel cookware, but it does have a great deal of appeal. This is really informative article. We just threw out the last aluminum pot we had, so seeing your comment about harmful elements leaching into the food confirms the decision to toss them out. I did kind of chuckle when reading your thoughts on cast iron. Here in the South, you might be ostracized for speaking poorly about cast iron. 🙂 We don’t actually have any cast iron in our house, but it’s definitely a part of the cultural heritage here. 

    • Randy you are starting to make me feel bad lol.  I do not want to insult the south.  I should give it a try sometime.  Thanks for the comment. 

  18. Hello there,nice article you have written.I love stainless steel for cooking where I cook at low temperatures.after cooking this stainless steel is always kept clean.and I use vinegar to sparkle it.but then again I read and learnt from your article that no sticky pans could cause body cancer. your article is nice and I hope everyone who read it benefits a lot from it.

    • Yes Martha,  those non stick pans are dangerous for us to use.  They have led to various problems within our bodies. 

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