How Do I Convince Someone To Become Vegan? – 10 Reasons to Go Vegan in 2020

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We are so glad that you have found this page and we hope that we can help answer any questions you might have about why people are becoming Vegan.  In the video below,  we will help give you our top 10 reasons on how to convince someone to become vegan.  Truthfully, 10 reasons is just scratching the surface.  However, we thought the 10 reasons in this video will be great for practicing vegans and non vegans who are curious to see why this diet is gaining in popularity.  Enjoy!


#1. To Save the Animals

Yes, one of the most common reasons why people become vegan is because they want to save the animals from torture.  Factory farming produces almost all of the meat that our society consumes.  Factory farming has one mission and that is to produce as much meat as possible without regard to animal well being.  Have you ever heard of Wanton Cruelty?  It is a merciless and inhumane practice that happens to animals in all factory farms.

Some examples are birds beaks being cut down, animals going 60 hours without water before slaughter, being boiled alive if not properly killed beforehand, punching and kicking animals, being fed feces and so many more things that you could read an entire book on this topic.  Have you ever met a cow in a roaming pasture?  They are like giant puppies.  I kid you not.  They have feelings and they know what love is too.  I promise it will change your outlook on cows and other animals raised for slaughter if you go on a hay ride where you can be along free ranging cows.

#2.  To Prevent Depletion of Earth’s Resources

Have you vegans ever heard anybody question your love of trees and land by saying, “if the entire population went vegan then we would have to kill so many trees in the process to make land available for farming”?  Well the funny thing about those snarky comments are that IT TAKES MORE LAND TO FEED A COW THEN IT DOES FOR ONE HUMAN.  Think about how much cows and pigs eat in their lifetime.  It is a lot of crops and vegetation.

When you see corn growing in the summertime do you think that it is mainly for human consumption?  Actually, CORN CROP PRODUCTION’S PRIMARY PURPOSE IS TO FEED ANIMALS NOT HUMANS.  Not only does factory farming impact our land but the amount of water too.  The video above has a great graph on how much water omnivores consume compared to vegans.  A vegan diet can help preserve our land and prevent the depletion of our natural resources.

#3.  To Stop World Hunger

You might be thinking to yourself, now this writer is going to far with this whole vegan thing.  But in reality it is the truth.  Going off of the above #2 reason in this post,  we use more grain for animal consumption then we do for humans.  This is because we are mass producing animals and feeding them at a higher rate so that they are more readily available for slaughter.  If we stopped mass producing animals then we could focus more agricultural purposes for the poor people all around the world.  The sad thing is that a lot of people in need of food live right next to the crops that are grown for animals.


#4.  To Cut Down Your Food Expense

Purchasing animal meat regularly is an expensive ordeal.  You can save a lot of money by switching to a particular style of vegan diet.  A well balanced vegan diet can be expensive too if you do not know what you are doing but if you do your research then you will find that being vegan can help you save on the cost of food.  Here a few quick tips.  Buy a lot of frozen fruit for breakfast smoothies, frozen vegetables for meals, grains and legumes for carbs, fats and protein, some essential vitamins like B12 and Vitamin D and you are on your way to a healthy cheap and surprisingly tasty plant based diet.  Want more Vegan diet help? CLICK HERE.

#5.  To Maintain A Healthy Blood Pressure

The studies linking a vegan diet to a healthy blood pressure are starting to become overwhelming.  Numerous and I mean numerous studies are showing that a vegan diet can tremendously lower blood pressure.  Hypertension is no joke and it is one of 3 leading causes of death to humans.  A vegan diet consists of whole foods that have healthy fats and has shown that a plant based diet can lower your risk of high blood pressure by up to 54%.  Don’t get me wrong,  a vegan diet still has dangerous hydrogenated fats in some processed products.  However, if you are eating a well balanced vegan diet then these hydrogenated fats will never become a staple of your diet and thus preventing you from high blood pressure which is linked to heart attacks.

#6.  Saves The Environment 

I know what you are thinking.  Isn’t this post getting redundant and didn’t they just talk about the depletion of trees in reason #2?  Yes but there is much more to the environment and earth’s natural resources then land agriculture and tearing down of trees.  Have you ever hear of Green House Gases?  Recently I read a fascinating scholarly article on how maintaining land for animals produces a lot of harmful gases.  These harmful gases then go into our atmosphere which in turn creates staggering side effects to our well being.  Please click on the link above to read more on this topic.

#7. For Better Skin

There is a lot new research coming out on antioxidants and how they help protect and restore our bodies.  One of the main topics on antioxidants are their abilities to fight free radicals.  Free radicals have been linked to causing disease but also to causing brown spots and wrinkles. Antioxidants neutralize the affects of free radicals and help keep our skin looking young and vibrant.  Where can you find the most antioxidants on the planet?  Well fruits and vegetables of course!


#8.  To Avoid Dangerous Diseases

Personally, this reason is why I began getting curious about a vegan diet.  To the best of my ability I want to do everything in my power to try and prevent dangerous diseases.  I know this is something that is not always in my control, even on a vegan diet but the studies out right now show that on a vegan diet you are less likely to have these serious health problems.

The 3 big killers for humans are heart attacks, hypertension (high blood pressure) and cancer.  Studies have been coming out and new ones are now being studied on why a vegan diet has been linked to having less risk to these 3 health problems.  In addition to heart problems and cancer,  type 2 diabetes is also drastically less likely to appear in plant based diets.

#9. Meat Is Dirty

Quick summary here.  There are around 75 million outbreaks of food poisonings that happen every year.  The way our meat is handled in the slaughter arenas is far from cleanly.  Much of the slaughtered animal meat is poorly handled in the packaging wear houses.  This causes a lot of food borne illnesses which do not digest well in our stomachs.  Not only is food poisoning a problem but the overall quality of the meat is too.  Many of the animals diets are not organic and even if they claim to be organic, it doesn’t mean they are because they are just satisfying the organic label requirement posed by the government.

#10.  It Isn’t Difficult At ALL!

Veganism is the way of the future and many food industries, grocery stores and restaurants are making room for a vegan lifestyle.  There are so many meat substitutes and non dairy cheese and milk products that you can feel like you are not compromising your old diet at all.  Again, everything in moderation when it comes to these processed foods but they definitely will help with the transition.

What is also helping with the transition is the amount of restaurants that are offering vegan items on the menu or that are labeling which meals are vegan and which ones are not.  There are also a lot of books on the market that help with transitioning to a plant based diet and how to do it properly so that you are not causing harm to your body.  The FUTURE IS VEGAN!  Do not be afraid to jump in and start learning how to become vegan.


Thanks for Reading and Watching!  Leave 1 of your top reasons to go Vegan in the COMMENT SECTION Below!!



Hello I'm Eric and I am striving to educate people about plant based diets. I enjoy bowling, gardening and nature in my free time. Marilyn and I hope you find our site helpful in learning about a proper Vegan diet.


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  1. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide to convince someone to become a vegan in 2020. I found it is very useful for everyone like me. While reading i know that Environment plays an important role in our life. We must focus on saving the environment in anyway. Now I know Veganism is the way of the future and many food industries, grocery stores and restaurant are making room for vegan lifestyle.

    • We think so too Parveen.  It is our duty to educate people on why a vegan diet is much more then just a diet.  It will help our world and man kind in so many ways.  Thank you for the comment.

  2. Your Guide is very help for going vegan. I personally began getting curious about a vegan diet.  To the best of my ability I want to do everything in my power to try and prevent dangerous diseases.  I know this is something that is not always in my control, even on a vegan diet but the studies out right now show that on a vegan diet we are less likely to have these serious health problems. I hope it will help me to loss some weight too.

    • Hello Bai.  You are right.  Studies are showing that the Vegan Diet is a leader in preventing serious health problems.  Sometime this year we will try and create meal plans as guides to help people easily eat a vegan diet the right way.  Stay tuned.

  3. Great article! I actually grew up in a rural area and used to be vegan though when I started working in an urban setting, got married and have kids that prefer to eat not vegan foods, I have to admit I did cheat my meal a few times.

    However, since the day I ended my 9-5 job, as much as possible, my every meal is vegan and little by little, I’m letting my kids get away and cease from eating foods they usually crave. 

    Fortunately, since I am the one who has been preparing their foods now, they seem to like every vegan food I cook for them while explaining the benefits they can get feom eating these such as preventing heart attacks, hypertension, cancer, diabetes and many others! 

    Thanks for this relevant article!

    • We totally agree Julius.  That is what I am doing too.  Nobody minds eating whatever I make as long as they do not have to cook it!  Funny how that works 🙂

  4. Now I know about vegan Diet. Now we will buy a lot of frozen fruit for breakfast smoothies, frozen vegetables for meals, grains and legumes for carbs, fats and protein, some essential vitamins like B12 and Vitamin D and you are on your way to a healthy cheap and surprisingly tasty plant based diet. I think everyone must try something new.

    • Thanks Naksh.  We agree too.  Hopefully you can show somebody this post to try and show them they way to the diet of the future. 

  5. The most convincing argument for being a vegan in my opinion is to prevent diseases. With what is going on now with the spread of the deadly virus and others probably coming in my opinion, I see that this is the best reason to be convinced of the plant based benefits of using the diet to better your health. 

    • Thank you Andrew.  It is known that most diseases have started from animals and then humans consuming these animals.  Thank you for the comment. 

  6. I live in an area that has a lot of chicken coops and I really hate it when I see those trucks going by to market packed with chickens. It just makes me sick. I have been debating going vegan for some time and you give some very convincing arguments, especially on how it helps the environment. It does look very challenging to go Vegan though, so I look forward to seeing more of your site to help me in my journey.  The menu examples that you provided on this page about building a personalized plan were really helpful to better understand what eating vegan means.  Wow, awesome!!!  Thanks for sharing this information with everyone!!!!  

    • Yes.  That is our next step Janice.  We want to be able to provide free recipes for everyone so that they can eat great vegan food.  Then once we have a great food menu we will try to teach everyone on how to make sure they are getting all of their nutrients and minerals.  Thank you for your post. 

  7. Going vegan was a decision I took in 2019 and I have stood by it with all discipline ever since. So, seeing that I had benefitted from it, it would not be difficult for me to convince another person to take the decision to go vegan too. This is really a great post here. Thumbs up and the tips are right on spot. Thank you

  8. I have 4 months trying to convince hubby to become a vegan. He’s always wanting to listen to me but up to this point the answer has been no. I must confess he has some good points and I have been running out of points. But your post has refueled me. I’ll start with point number 1 this week and each week dive into the next point. That will be 2 months and a half for poor hubby! He’ll be under siege! LOL.

  9. Many thanks for sharing with us such a great and interesting article. This article’s main content is how to do you convince someone to become began. If you want to lead a life of moral and logical consistency and if you want to be of least harm to the animals and the environment around you, veganism is the only natural and logical choice.The ten reasons to become began you mentioned in your article are really awesome.

    I am currently suffering from a difficult disease like diabetes.That’s why I do a vegan diet to get rid of this difficult disease.Through this, I am healthier.

     I Loved reading your article and it is a knowledgeable article Hawaii I would like to share in my Facebook group if you allow me.

  10. Hello ! Eric & Marilyn, Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful article. Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge by reading your article which is very helpful to me .I enjoyed your article later because I am a vegetarian .Personally I love the vegetarian diet and I do it regularly .The vegan diet has solved many of my problems, especially since I lost weight .Your article has inspired me to become a Vegan, and I will definitely follow the tips you give me as I think about the future for the future. 

    I think your article is very useful for saving the environment and for yourself. So I will definitely be delivering your article to my friends and they will agree to become Vegan and will definitely share with you their new experience.Can I share your article on my social media?

  11. Hello. I want to thank you for sharing with us such an interesting article about “How Do I Convince Someone To Become Vegan? – 10 Reasons to Go Vegan in 2020 “.
    Your Guide very helps with going vegan. I personally began getting curious approximately a vegan food regimen. I know this is something that isn’t always in my control, even on a vegan weight loss program however the studies out right now display that on a vegan weight loss program we are less probable to have these serious fitness problems. I desire it will help me to lose a few weight too. You have put here some very helpful steps that can be useful for anyone who is vegan through this. I think the answer to this question is here on your site. So Thanks again and I can’t wait to read more posts like this. Good Luck!

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