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Hello everyone!

This is Marilyn & Eric!  We are very excited to start our vegan journey and are also excited about sharing what we learn with you along the way.  We want to help ourselves and you, in becoming educated on the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle.  We plan on doing this through educational posts and our quick & easy vegan recipes!

Marilyn & Eric’s Story

Our story has just begun for us.  We met around a year ago in a company management training program.  While we were there we sparked an interest in one another.  Now, we are very happy together in a relationship and are living on the east coast.

During our company training program, Marilyn noticed that I did not eat much meat.  She was very interested as to why I chose to do this.  I explained to her that I did not trust the way that our meat was processed in this country and frankly all over the world.  During our discussions, Marilyn informed me that she was hesitant to put dairy products in her coffee.  This sparked our interest in to seeing what a life with out any animal products might be like.

Now, we are both interested in learning more about how a vegan lifestyle can help benefit our mind, bodies and health.  We hope to educate ourselves and you to all of the benfits that we learn along the way.  Most of all, we want to do this by creating tasty vegan recipes that do not take long to make.

Why We Want to Help People

Both Eric and I are very giving people.  We enjoy and get along with mostly anybody that we come across.  Our nature to care and love for a lot of people has led us to want to give back.  We want to give back to our own health but also want to give back to you the reader at the same time.

Eric and I see a lot people trending towards veganism.  We hope to uncover a lot of the facts, myths and realities about veganism.  We will be reading various books to help educate all of us on how to live a successful vegan lifestyle.  In particular, a vegan lifestyle that has a lot of really tasty recipes that we will be creating for you the reader.

Our main focus is not only educating and creating yummy vegan recipes.  It will lean towards helping all of us have delicious vegan meals that are quick and easy to make for a very fast paced society and world that we all live in today.  This will help make our vegan journey more realistic for all of our lifestyles.  We are very excited to help you with your vegan journey while at the same time being able to fit it in to your busy, fast paced life.

The Goal of Our Site

Simply put, we are super excited in delivering quick, easy, vegan recipes that will fit into everyone’s lifestyles.  Very excited to show all of you how to acheive this while not compromising the taste of the food and your daily schedule.  See you all on the site!

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Marilyn & Eric



Eric & Marilyn


4 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to learn more! Everyone seems to be headed into that direction, it has even been on my mind. I just can’t give up the seafood. I have noticed how the recipes are quite tasty and you are not missing much. Now if you can make vegan crab and oysters you have me sold lol.

    • Lol yes, Marilyn and I both love crab and oysters too.  If I can figure out how to naturally create a vegan substitute for those 2 meats then it will definitely help me in my Vegan diet

  2. We are not vegans but are trying to reduce meat and other agriculture products. I am really excited I have come across this blog and cannot wait to follow you on your vegan journey and learn some recipes with you too!

    • Thank you Martina, thank you for the feedback as well 😉 We are getting excited because we are about to put out our recipes very soon. Excited to share them with everyone!

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